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Voith Shaft Couplings

Voith shaft couplings for propellers are designed with superior operation and reliability in mind. Simplex Americas LLC is a ships spare parts provider of these tried and tested shaft couplings.  Simplex Americas LLC provides marine spare parts to all facets of marine propulsion.  This includes the military, commercial, and recreational marine vessels worldwide.

Voith Shaft Couplings Design

The SafeSet Voith shaft couplings feature a dual-walled hollow sleeve that expands with pressurized hydraulic oil. An easily adjustable, consistent torque transmission is produced through the hold pressure and integrated shear tube. If an overload occurs, the shear tube breaks, the Voith shaft coupling slips, pressure drops and frictional contact separates within one-tenth of a second. The design of the Voith shaft coupling provides these great features:

  • No false releases or material fatigue
  • Minimal idle time
  • Exceptional driveline protection
  • Customized design to meet specific requirements

Voith Shaft Couplings Operation

The SafeSet Voith Shaft Couplings for propellers are designed for use with high-value rotating equipment. These couplings can prevent jams that could potentially cause serious damage. It is like having a mechanical fuse in the driveline that reduces downtime and prevents expensive breakdowns. The Voith shaft couplings provide a continual friction coefficient and adaptability, and it prevents material fatigue. These couplings can be customized in many ways including:

  • With a slip-and-release mechanism that activates at a preset torque
  • With torque settings ranging from 30 to 100 percent
  • With a torque release between 0.2 to more than 1,000 khm
  • With an immediate-release mechanism for over-torque scenarios


Interested in talking to our marine propulsion specialists about the Voith Shaft Couplings?  Simplex Americas is here to assist you with all your marine needs. Contact Simplex Americas today, or visit us at an upcoming maritime trade show to learn more about all our products and marine services available.


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