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Voith Shaft Couplings for marine propulsion

Simplex Americas Marine Services and Trade Shows

Marine Services and Supply

Marine Services Trade ShowSince 2003, Simplex Americas LLC has been dedicated to providing marine services, sales, spare marine parts, and engineering to the marine industry all covered by factory trained specialist. Simplex Americas has become a name you can rely on for quality products and marine services. Simplex Americas team of highly skilled engineers is available to assist in all facets of maritime propulsion. Whether you have a deep water vessel or inland water vessel, Simplex Americas is here to offer full-service support for all your marine services needs.

As a way to connect with their customers and other businesses in the marine services industry, Simplex Americas counts on marine trade shows. According to Paul Cooper, Simplex Americas Gulf Coast Manager, “Trade shows are the perfect time to see a lot of existing customers and meet new potential customers at one time in a casual atmosphere.” By attending trade shows, Simplex Americas can showcase their products and marine services while educating potential customers in a pressure-less environment.

Simplan Seals

Simplan Trade Show Marine Services

“WBS and IMX the two main shows I attend are exclusively promoting Simplan seals, traditional and composite (GRP)” says Paul. Simplex Americas is pleased to supply Simplan seals; these state-of-the-art seals can prevent damage and wear that generally occur to the shafts. By avoiding damage to the shafts, Simplan seals can avoid any unnecessary time in-dock for maintenance.

According to Chuck Autrey, the Pacific Coast Sales and Service Manager for Simplex Americas, “When attending the Trade and Expos, I have the opportunity to showcase the current Simplex and Simplan and Air Space seals; along with several of our partner’s products. The Simplex name draws in US and International customers who are interested in our products for their vessels. Because our products and our partner’s products are so diverse, we can service almost any vessel regardless of its size or use. Fishing fleet owners, tugboat owners and captains, ferry companies and yacht owners are some of the interested parties along with Port Engineers and Estimators.”

By creating an atmosphere that is open and inviting to potential customers, suppliers, and colleagues trade shows are the ideal way to establish business relationships and even friendships within the marine services industry. According to Jose, Simplex Americas Service Engineer and Manager, Latin America, these multiple day trade shows, are “the best option to update our customer and ourselves with the latest develop and technologies in the field.”

Upcoming Tradeshows

Simplex Americas will be attending the International WorkBoat Show in New Orleans, Louisiana and the Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle, Washington. Come use this opportunity to check out Simplex Americas marine services and supply.

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