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Simplex Americas LLC Intermediate Shaft Bearings

Intermediate Shaft Bearings

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At Simplex Americas LLC, we understand the important role that shaft bearings play in ship propulsion line shafting. That’s why we are proud to be the sole supplier for the Americas of Simplex intermediate shaft bearings. More than 21,000 of these short construction-length, plain intermediate shaft bearings have been delivered to date, which highlights their enduring reliability.

A couple of key design features enhance the quality of Simplex intermediate shaft bearings:

  • A set screw is positioned in the center of the bearing, which makes it easy to achieve precise alignment during installation. In turn, the risk of edge loading is dramatically reduced.
  • A short shell length further enhances the quality and reliability of this first-rate bearing.

Simplex Americas LLC is a leading supplier of intermediate shaft bearings for all marine applications. Contact us today for ordering information.

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