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Simplex Americas LLC Flexi Sterntube


Simplex Americas LLC is supplier of the Simplex Flexi-Tube, which is a complete, turnkey solution for shipyards, ship builders and designers. With the supervision of our highly trained and skilled personnel, precise and efficient installation is possible. While a ship is in operation, this flexi-tube stern tube produces lower maintenance costs and makes for easier maintenance in general.

Advantages of the Simplex flexi-tube include:

  • Perfect Alignment – Vibrations and bearing wear are avoided because the sterntube is cast in epoxy resin. A specially designed filling system and sealing package are used to prevent misalignment: avoiding increased maintenance costs and other problems.
  • Stress-Free Installation – The forward portion of the flexi-sterntube features axial flexibility, which allows thermal expansion.
  • Suitable for All Vessels – The Simplex flexi-tube can be customized to suit any vessel. An intelligent module design makes it possible.
  • Type-Approved – This stern tube is type-approved by all classification societies, which enhances it’s ready-to-use design.

For lower maintenance costs and more reliable operation, the Flexi-Tube stern tube is an ideal solution. For additional information about this product, contact Simplex Americas LLC today.

We provide innovative nonpolluting, water lubricated stern tube and rudder bearings that meet or exceed the technical requirements of your application. Call Simplex Americas LLC for any questions you have on the bearings we carry as we are knowledgeable and more than qualified to provide you any information you need as well as installation support.

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