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Stern Tube Seals by Simplex: Airspace – Non-Pollution

Airspace-2011-v3-Email1_img_1Airspace stern tube seals are a four-ring sealing system that has a dedicated air chamber. Sea water and sterntube oil are kept completely separate, which increases the durability and longevity of the stern tube bearing. At the same time, oil is completely unable to seep out into the ocean. These stern tube seals are approved as a non-pollution seal by the leading classification societies.

Top Advantages of Airspace Stern Tube Seals:
  • No oil or air escapes into the seawater
  • Sterntube oil and seawater are completely separated
  • Guarantees non-pollution of the seawater
  • Consumes very little air
  • Foolproof switch-over from airspace operation to SC2B operation
  • Oil can’t be pulled into the seawater by escaping air
  • Includes a test mode that verifies the status of the sterntube seal

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