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Simplex Americas Marine Products

When it comes to shaft seals, bearing systems, and torque-limiting couplings, Simplex Americas LLC is the name to trust! We provide world-wide service through our high-level engineers, experienced in all aspects of maritime propulsion. We are also the exclusive supplier of Turbulo separators and Rivertrance oil-in-water monitoring systems to the offshore and marine sectors. In addition to supplying our high quality products and service, we have a reputation for customer service and technical reliability that is unsurpassed in the industry.

Marine Propulsion Service Specialists

Our skilled engineers are experienced in all aspects of maritime propulsion. We provide service and repairs in drydock, afloat, or underwater with diver assistance.

We provide unsurpassed service for Thrusters, CP Propellers, Rudder Seals, Z Drives and Rudder Propellers, Couplings, Gearboxes, Bearings, Shaft Alignment, Stern Seals, as well as High, Medium, and Slow Speed Diesel Engines.

Deep Water Vessels

Simplex Americas LLC provides full-service support for ocean-going vessels of all kinds. We are proud to offer products by respected and trusted names like Simplex, Turbulo, CIP, SKF and Rivertrace which are known for offering the best in quality, technology, and environmental performance. Security and reliability are also top priorities, and we’ve forged partnerships with some of today’s best marine propulsion equipment manufacturers to ensure exceptional service.

Inland Waterway Vessels

Simplex Americas LLC is proud to supply Simplan seals for fast ferries, yachts, workboats and other vessels with water-lubricated stern tubes. In addition to offering superior quality, Simplan seals are remarkably affordable. We also supply CIP composites and SKF couplings, which allows ship owners to procure propulsion equipment with fewer supplier interfaces.

Whether you need Shaft seals, oil-in-water monitors from Rivertrace, Turbulo oily water separators or SKF Coupling products for your deep-water or inland-waterway vessels, Simplex Americas LLC your exclusive expert source.

Who We Serve

We proudly serve all facets of marine propulsion from military, to commercial, to recreational. We serve North and Latin America: Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean. We are also a trusted supplier of OEM ship spares.

Military / Defense

Simplex Americas LLC proudly services defense vessels for the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, and MARAD.


Simplex Americas LLC services the wide array of commercial marine vessels, ranging from small inland river boats to massive cruise ships. We also service specialty vessels and the offshore drilling industry, working on afloat vessels and underwater applications as well as water treatment systems.


Simplex Americas LLC services all types of recreational craft from small personal watercraft to Ferries and Megayachts.

Spare Parts

Simplex Americas LLC is a leading supplier of OEM ship spares. If you are looking for high-quality marine parts, you can rely on us. We offer separator spares, seal spares and other integral marine parts. Our extensive database allows us to identify compatible parts for all vessels in a timely, efficient and cost-effective way.

Contact Simplex Americas today to learn more about parts and service for marine vessels.

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